Texas Counties Deliver
Byron Theodosis, County Judge

Sharon Blossman, Municipal Judge and Justice of the Peace
       Office:325-372-5746 Fax:325-372-5425

Randy Robinson, County Attorney
       Office:325-372-3747 Fax:325-372-5653

Kim Wells, County/District Clerk
       Office:325-372-3614 Fax:325-372-6484

David Jenkins, Sheriff
       Office:325-372-5551 Fax:325-372-3277

Lois VanBeck, Treasurer
       Office: 325-372-3337 Fax:325-372-6484

County Extension
       Office:325-372-5416 Fax:325-372-3851

James Lebow, Commissioner Precinct 1, 325-372-7877 (no email address)

Rickey Lusty, Commissioner Precinct 2, 325-372-8502 (no email address)

Kenley Kroll, Commissioner Precinct 3, 325-372-8385 (no email address)

Pat Pool, Commissioner Precinct 4, 325-372-1309 (no email address)